Bradley Werner is a writer, just like you, and me, and Voltaire (but less deceased than Voltaire...and less French). He is a purveyor of fine wines and cheeses and loves to animate famous pieces of art.

You can see these animated masterpieces at

Bradley grew up in Roslyn, NY and attended Cornell Universtiy. Capitalizing on that mind-numbing experience, he wrote the book, "The Art of Becoming Dupid." It was dupid.

His second book, "101 Ways to Say Hola," was very high concept and ultimately failed to gain commercial success. In retrospect, most of the literati elite agree that it would have been a much better audio book...

Vowel Movement was Bradley's humor column at Cornell from 2001-2002.

Viewer Discretion Advised was the precursor to Vowel Movement. It started as a DVD column but became a de facto humor column because no one, not even his editor, bothered to read it.

Currently Werner is employed. He feels empowered.

Werner has produced several short films that have been featured in numerous International Film Festivals. He's also contributed on articles for Maxim Magazine and written articles for Mediapost, iMedia Connection, and The Hilltop Beacon. He's also done PR and advertising and one day, when he's older, plans on loving rice pudding.

Now that you know who he is, why not send him an e-mail and/or rent him?
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His IM name is: Wubba2000